Trailer for 气 (qi)

气 (qi)

气 (qi) is a movement-based multimedia video collaboration between Chinese-Australian movement artists Amy Zhang and MaggZ that explores feminine Chinese energy through the concept of 气 (qi), by embodying the physical relationship between their bodies and culturally significant objects. 气 is believed to be a vital life force that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. By embodying the 气 from objects and understanding how they are individual beings (without hierarchy), we aimed to find understanding on how we too can re-humanise ourselves and our community during a time where Chinese people are experiencing growing hostility, violence and dehumanisation.

Created and Performed by Maggz and Amy Zhang
Music by Jackson Garcia
Mastered by Matt Gray

Supported by Diversity Arts

Exhibited by 4A - Acute Actions: Responses To I Am Not a Virus, 2021

Images by Kai Wasikowski

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